Fabian Patterson is a thirteen-year veteran and a PRE-LICENSED counselor with a master’s degree in mental health psychology who’s operating under the supervision of a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. He has an Eclectic (a little bit of everything) approach to therapy with a strong Cognitive Behavioral Therapy background. 

Fabian’s approach to therapy starts with building a positive and respectful relationship with his clients while creating a safe space where they can open up, share, and discuss their thoughts, concerns, issues, and feelings without fear of judgment. He is passionate about helping people live a life free of stress, worry, fear, and stereotypes of societal censure.

To date, one of Fabian’s most significant professional accomplishments was earning his Master’s degree in Mental Health Psychology, allowing him to help his clients
become the best version of themselves. When Fabian isn’t hard at work counseling clients and operating his
business, he enjoys going to the movies and often spends his free time with his wife.


  • General Studies Associates Degree – Central Texas College
  • Bachelor’s in Mental Health Psychology – Chaminade Univ.
  • Master’s Degree in Mental Health Psychology – Chaminade Univ.
  • Equal Opportunity Certification – US Military
  • Basic & Advanced Leadership Course – US Military